Constructing Fears, The Movie

Posted in Uncategorized by bridgeonawallalive on December 18, 2010

Concept by Abraham Hurtado

The proposals of “Constructing Fears” it was presented at Centro Párraga 18th March 2010 as a Live Installation. Guest artists had a common starting point for work, in these case are ”the fears”, that these being the source inspiration from which we started and approach towards to the creation of different shapes and textures of the same ….Physical, psychological or intangible’s fears. We presented this movie as excerpt of the presentation.

Artists who participate:

Roger Adam, Carlos Aledo, Emilio Ayala, Anders Bigum, Mario G. Sáez, Alberto García Tormo, Laura Gárcia, Eva Gómez Mataix, Sónia Gómez, Pedro Gálvez, Jerónimo Hagerman, Miguel Angel Hernández, Anabel Labrador, Maureen López Lembo, Isa Millán, Lummu Persch, Cristina Perch, Ivan Planes Cano, Joaquín Revenga “Tatín”, Sara Serrano, Leticia Tárrega, Sofia Verástegui, Arkadi Zaides.

To know more of the artists who participate follow this link:​


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